University of Education Faisalabad Campus

University of Education Faisalabad Campus has won a great place among the educational institution due to its outstanding performance and excellent results. This institution needs no introduction as it has already established a well-reputed name but it will be beneficial to narrate the historical perspective of this prestigious institute for the people who are still unaware of it. Likewise, it is also necessary to tell about great and honorable personalities who burnt their mid-night oil to take this institute to the height of glory. This institute was established in 1961. It started working in the building of Auqaaf department situated on Dijkot Road. But this place was not sufficient for the fulfillment of the great objectives which this institute wanted to achieve. Therefore, this instate was transferred to the present campus which is built on 23 acres. This very first name given to this institute was Govt. College for Evaluators of Primary Education in West Pakistan, Lyallpur. Then its name was changed into Govt. Training College, Lyallpur In 1976,it was given the name Govt. College of Education, Faisalabad.