Prof. Dr. Muhammad Azam


HEC Approved Supervisor


Dr. Muhammad Azam joined University of Education (UE) in September 2005 as Lecturer in Mathematics. In 2014, he successfully defended his doctoral degree in Mathematics from University of the Punjab. His research interest areas are General Relativity and Cosmology, particularly compact objects, Wormholes, Black Holes, Cracking and Stability of Self Gravitating Objects. 

With a comprehensive experience spanning over eighteen years in the education sector, Muhammad Azam has assumed multifaceted roles as a teacher, researcher, and administrator. His professional trajectory commenced as Lecturer and then promoted to Assistant and Associate Professor. Now, He holds the esteemed position of Professor of Mathematics at Division of Science and Technology (DSNT) UE Lahore. During his tenure at DSNT, his outstanding contributions were acknowledged with prestigious awards as the Best University Teacher in 2020.

Dr. Muhammad Azam is an HEC approved supervisor to supervise doctoral students. Over the course of the last decade, his academic mentorship has culminated in the successful guidance of eighteen MS/MPhil students towards the completion of their academic pursuits. Currently, he is supervising one PhD students and six MS students. He published 38 research articles in well reputed international journals with impact factor over 100 and citations more than 1000. Pakistan Council for Science and Technology awarded him research productivity award for the 2014 and 2015. HEC awarded him Indigenous Scholarship for PhD.

As the Principal Multan Campus, Dr. Azam exemplified exemplary leadership, culminating in the development of improvement plans and the expeditious completion of numerous pending tasks within a remarkably short span of two year. He also held the position of treasurer of UE and DG finance of PHEC. Currently, he is member of different statuary bodies BoS, BoF, BASAR, Academic Council and Finance and Planning Committee as well as member of purchase committee, discipline committee, unfair means committee.

Furthermore, Dr. Azam awarded prestigious funded projects NRPU by HEC. These endeavors reflect his unwavering commitment to advancing knowledge and empowering individuals and communities through the potent medium of education.

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