Prof. Dr. Muhammad Umer Saleem


HEC Approved Supervisor


In my early Education, I became a keen observer of my mentors, comparing their different philosophies and approaches, thinking about their teaching methods, and assessing which methods enhanced my own learning. By continuing this analysis throughout High School, College, and University (in Pakistan and Europe), I slowly and deliberately amassed a collection of effective teaching techniques.

The distillation of those years of observation and analysis, combined with the lessons I am still learning from my own teaching experience, yields the overriding principle that I strive for in the classroom: clarity – in presenting material, in detailing expectations, and in expressing educational goals.

Qualification: Post Doc (2019) and PhD (2011) in Mathematics from University of Graz, Austria. M.Sc (2005) and M.Phil (2008) in Mathematics from Government College University, Lahore.

Research Interests: Artificial Pancreas, Mathematical Modelling and Simulations in Physiological Systems, Control Theory, Stability, Optimization, Numerical Analysis, Number Theory, Graph Theory

Assignments: I also enjoy my administrative duties and is doing this for more than a decade. Currently working as Director Student Affairs and Director Sports since 2016 along with 14 Years’ experience of Teaching to Under and Post-Graduation Classes.

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